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Apple 5W USB Power Adapter UK

Apple 5W USB Power Adapter UK
Apple 5W USB Power Adapter UK
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Apple 5W USB power adapter charges your Apple devices in a jiffy. You can charge your iPhone and iPad mini using this Apple adapter.Charge your iPhone quickly with the Apple MD812B C USB Power Adapter. This 5W power adapter is of 5 W and has a compact design and offers quick, efficient charging at home, in the office, or on the go. Also, this power adapter has undergone rigorous testing to ensure reliability and safety so that you can use it securely all around the world.


Power : 5 Watts

ultra-compact design

3 Pins

Apple 5W USB Power Adapter MD812B/C


This Apple 5W USB power adapter is compatible with most Apple smart devices. Also, it is compatible with leading edge iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini. It also works with any Apple Watch or iPod model.


The highly compact design of this Apple adapter makes easy to carry. Take it on your trips and charge your iOS devices when they're running low on battery. It has fixed prongs devised for use in United States, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and parts of Latin America.

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